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Book A Flight To A Paradise Island

April 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 259

In the local aboriginal language Fraser Island is called "K Gari", this translates into the English word paradise. A suitable name, especially when exploring the attractions of this World Heritage listed sandbar. Measuring in at 120km by 15km, and created over a span of nearly a million years, if you were to travel to Queensland and proceed to Fraser Island you can have the opportunity to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

When viewed from the coast, it is hard to imagine that this natural wonder is the world's largest sand island, it appears too green and lush to be such. With vast stands of rainforest, towering sand dunes, and more than forty freshwater lakes dotting the landscape, the diverse ecology makes it a must see attraction for all visitors to Australia's east coast. Off-shore there are populations of dolphins, sharks, turtles, and whales, all visible from the island's high points.

There is a weird other-worldliness feel to Fraser Island. Tour buses with chunky wheels and rugged 4WD vehicles race across the idyllic backdrop of swaying palm trees and perfect white sand. If you would like to bring your own vehicle, you should ensure it is fitted out to cope with the conditions. Every year, many visitors find themselves marooned due to lack of preparation.

Though the lakes and ocean are both inviting, only the former is safe for swimming. The ocean has deadly undertows that can sweep out even the most experienced swimmers. What's more, the local population of great white sharks make the water an even more dangerous place. On the land, it is important to keep clear of the dingoes, they have developed a reputation for aggression.

If the local wildlife and scenery does not make you feel small, spending a night on the island and witnessing the bright milky way above your head will surely have the effect. If you do decide to overnight on the island, make sure you think about your ecological impact. It would be best for the local environment if visitors came in organized groups and camped in specially designated areas.

The fewer vehicles that come to the island, the less of a chance there would be of the fragile ecosystem becoming irreparably damaged. Also, unless you have experience of driving on sand, the chance of spinning out or getting stuck would be great. Book a flight and enjoy the experience in a comfortable and stress-free way.

Find complete details about the reasons why you should book a flight to Queensland and a list of airlines that offer one-stop Fraser Island flights from the UK on our site, today.

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