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Would You Adopt Through Choice and Not Infertility?

December 21, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 173

Adoption is an avenue down which many infertile couples travel to realize their dreams of becoming parents. Many gay couples also choose to adopt a child instead of going through fertility procedures to have a child. But what about couples who are fertile and can conceive a child naturally? Is there any reason they choose not to have children of their own? When it comes down to it, it's a choice that the individual or the couple will have to make and explain themselves, but let's explore some possible scenarios in which fertile couples may choose adoption.

In some cases, a couple may adopt the child of a friend or family member for various reasons. Parents may adopt their child's baby if that child is otherwise unable or unfit to be a parent for whatever reason. If a loved one passes away, often a family member or friend will adopt their children. With a child to take care of already, some individuals or couples will prefer not to have another child of their own. These scenarios are not exactly what people have in mind when they pose the question presented in the title, but they're relevant, realistic scenarios in which fertile couples may choose not to have a child naturally because they instead choose to adopt a child.

Other couples or individuals may think of the many children out there who do not have a loving home in which to grow up, and will decide to provide a home for a child in need instead of conceive a child on their own. Many children go through foster homes for their entire childhood without much stability, and some prefer to provide a child in need with a loving environment and some consistency in their life so they can grow up in one area with the same friends and go to the same school.

And then there are couples who are unable to conceive naturally, but may be able to conceive through fertility procedures. The cost of adoption can be high, but so can the cost of fertility treatment-and those are not always successful, requiring subsequent sessions and treatments. By adopting, many couples avoid the emotional turmoil that can come with fertility treatment, do not risk having to try and try to get pregnant, and give a child in need a home in which to grow up.

Other scenarios exist, and the best way to find out these reasons is to simply ask.

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