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Suicide: A Consistent Teenage Trend

September 22, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 85

Teenagers are naturally impulsive, sometimes rebellious and sometimes hard to figure out. This is their way of telling their parents and everybody else that, "Hey! I am growing up, so leave me alone and let me figure this out with myself, alone." But they cannot always blame them for acting out like that. It is part of the growing-up method and whether they 'adults' like it or not, in the finish, our teenagers will always find their way of jogging out of the shell that they have provided for them. And it is up to us on how they are going to handle their shortcomings and fights within themselves. And they must admit, they, ourselves walked that path one time and so they must understand and guide them to the path of righteousness.

Parents influence us over somebody else, from conception up to the final breath that they have. So fundamentally, what your kid is right now depends on the way you molded him/her. They can also trace the roots of these behaviors by using different theories like that of Sigmund Freud's Psychosexual Theory and Erik Erikson's Psychosocial Theory.

Suicide is from a Latin word meaning "to kill oneself". Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself. According to WHO, risk factors for suicide include mental disorder (such as depression, character disorder, alcohol dependence, or schizophrenia), and some physical illnesses, such as neurological disorders, cancer, and HIV infection.

So, how do people mismanage their life stressors that it even leads to self-destruction?

There's different kinds of people. Some are nurtured weak, some are strong and some are right, not so soft but not hard either. and those who were nurtured differently and grew up with low self-esteem, inferiority complex and vulnerability to relationship and life issues are usually the candidates for suicide.

These kids need helping hands, badly. They need anyone to speak to, not another nagger and definitely not another that punishes. They might not be able express it but they do. and they anyone who stays and sticks around even in the event that they shove you away.

Teenagers are emotional and sensitive. A simple mistake can make them feel broke. A simple unkind word from the people they value most can make them feel inferior. and a simple gesture can make them feel ignored. That is why there are teenagers who call themselves 'emo'. These kids ought to not be ignored or be humiliated more or be judged by us. They have this so-called inner-battle within themselves that needs to be won. One time their ego has been crushed or their self-esteem has been pushed down to its limit, they would not be able to guess what would be their next move. Stronger willed teenagers will probably lift their spirits up and think more positively and stand up again. But those with weaker mind tend to succumb to depression which may lead to suicidal ideas, suicide attempts and suicide gestures.

Relatives is of our strengths and also the reason why they hold on to something so hard. But relatives is also our weakness. Teenagers with lovely relatives relationship are more likely to succeed than a teenager from a wrecked unhappy relatives. like a personal computer, how can it operate if the CPU is not processing the knowledge well, if it was broken to start with?

But they can always prevent things from happening, right? Teenagers can always use somebody to hold on to, their relatives and friends. In the event that they need to be alone, then let them be but don't leave them. Let them know that you will be there whatever happens but be positive that you will be there, all right? They must help them find themselves and give a helping hand when they fell. And keep in mind, to have somebody who listens to your troubles is to make somebody feel better, so be a nice listener if not a nice adviser.

Parents ought to try and understand what is going on. When they make mistakes and were hurt, give consequences but give it after you comforted your kid. Let him express himself first. Let him describe what happened. And let him know that you trust him, that way they will have no other choice but to tell the truth.

Let him feel better first before you give any punishment because if they happens to be down and still you punish him, there could be no self-esteem left for him and they won't learn anything from you but feeling inferior even more even to himself.

Suicide is preventable.

Stress is manageable.

Life is a gift and so they must cherish it. It was given to us. It is ours now but it is not a reason for us to take it ourselves. There's a bunch of things that is worth our presence. Don't waste it.

Rose Ann Ramones visit: follow me on twitter:!/r03249

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