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Improve Self Confidence - 5 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Teenager's Self Confidence

January 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 139

Lots of teenagers all over the world are suffering from low self-esteem and self confidence. They talk down on themselves and they don't think they are good enough for anything. What's worse, as long as they keep thinking this way, they will never reach their full potential.

Since low self-esteem and confidence can lead to depression, drug abuse, alcoholism or suicide, it's a good idea for us as parents, to find out how to get our teens to a happier state of mind, before it's too late.

Here are 5 things you can do to boost their self confidence:

1. Give Compliments.

Say "You look great" or "Those colors look great on you." These are just two things you could say to your teenager to make them feel appreciated, creative, and confident. Teenagers enjoy sincere compliments from their loved ones.

2. Reward Independent Thinking.

When teens get appreciated for taking initiative and thinking for themselves, it builds faith in them to make greater decisions. It builds their character and helps them make better choices in different situations.

3. Create a challenge.

Ask them to see how long they can go without doing some kind of negative behavior that is causing them to have low self confidence. For example, say "How many days can you go without calling yourself stupid" or "How long can you go without staying in your room." Remember to appreciate every good accomplishment they achieve.

4. Encourage them to speak up.

Getting them to speak up for what they believe in builds character and courage. Also, try to get them to participate in class presentations, school politics and/or open debates. The more practice they get, the more comfortable they become with the sound of their voice. The more they hear their voice, the more they can learn to trust it.

5. Teach them to remain faithful.

Low self-esteem and confidence really hurts the mind, body, and spirit and eats away at the very fiber of our being. So, when you teach your teen how to remain faithful, you give them the keys to unlock any problem or situation they will face in life.

By understanding that there is a source of power greater than them, willing to help them through any situation, and committed to loving them as long as they believe and continue to pursue it for the rest of their lives, you have just passed along the priceless gift of Serenity.

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