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Censoring the Web

May 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 173

So you're demanding censoring of the web. Especially the adult-based content that is available so freely. Do you think it'll work for long? Ephemeral, as I consider it. Why? You'll see.

A few days back Mr. Cameron was discussing all possible ways on how to tighten controls on internet pornography, A suggestion put forward was that consumers signing up for home broadband services will be given an option to decide whether they want, or not, to access adult content containing sites. They can change their subscription late on, based on family considerations and other factors such as mood dependency. This action comes in the ever-growing fears of children as young as 10 years getting hooked up with obscene online material. Dear Prime Minister, I see what you're trying to do. You don't want to hurt your voters who're daily porn watchers by introducing any draconian law. You're just providing an "active-choice option", as I may call it. If votes keep pouring in, who cares about a few more sites running through?

The whole idea of internet is to make things easier to access, whatever be the nature of those things. "Imagine a world without free knowledge", as Wikipedia said on the anti-SOPA blackout day. After all, people may argue - pornography is also a form of knowledge!

Let me get it straight - As long as there is pornography online, people will be able to access it. Banning it is difficult because people have varying perceptions about where the line dividing 'porn' and 'not-porn' lies. If you propose banning all the X-rated sites, there'll still be other sites offering endless glamorous pictures of women wearing bikinis to tantalize salivating young boys! So, how deep are you willing to plunge? What all can you ban? Or should?

A woebegone attempt? Yes, frankly it is.

I write this as a guy who knows very well how drastic the consequences can be. If you're worried about your child, and rightly so, let me ask you - Is it viable to regulate the internet or to regulate your children? Socialize them, not limit them. I find it absolutely ludicrous to censor the entire web only because some parents are too otiose to parent their children. I know it is not practical to regulate the movement of laptops in and around the house. Plus, why would I seek a PC when every possible content is available on my cell phone? Moreover, the problem is that much of this stuff is for free, not just available. If the Govt. taxes my car, it can even tax access websites...viewings would fall off a cliff. Harms and benefits - balance them, and then try reducing the former and increasing the possibilities of the latter...that's all what's needed.

I don't really claim to have a doable solution to all this, but it seems to me a question we ought to have a damn good look at.

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