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10 Signs You've Hired A Great Nanny

December 01, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

Finding a nanny for your family can be a time consuming task one that often leaves families, confused, frustrated, or unsure of their decision. Bringing a new member into the family can be a stressful time, however, there are ten signs to look for that will leave you feeling confident, happy and glad you chose the right addition to your family. Considering these signs helps to ensure their choice in nanny is a good one.

1. You child appears happy and well adjusted. Children are very visual, if they are unhappy with a situation- you'll know it! Paying attention to new and current behavioral patterns, reading your child's body language and their facial expressions will give insight into their current feelings.

2. Your child asks about your nanny in her absence. Children are very vocal; try directly asking your child about their thoughts and opinions on the nanny, as well as, taking the time to ask what types of activities or routines they may do together and recording any positive of negative feedback your child provides.

3. You are able to openly discuss your needs/concerns: Being comfortable, keeping the lines of communication open, establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with your nanny (partner in child care), openness to discuss any issues or concerns as they arise is paramount to your relationship together.

4. Your nanny provides you with feed-back on your child's progress If your nanny is providing you with feed-back, she's excited! She's enthusiastic about your child and that's a great thing!

5. Your nanny is prompt and reliable: The fact that she takes her position seriously and has made a point to be timely and dependable shows her dedication to your family.

6. Your child adores the nanny. Children are very receptive, if your child loves the nanny, chances are you will too. Being receptive to your child's behavior and attitudes toward this new addition to your family is very important.

7. She is flexible and cooperative with your family's needs:Having a nanny with all the above qualities who is flexible to the needs of your family is amazing. Working together well simplifies the situation, demystifying the puzzle around the employer- employee relationship.

8. Your child can't wait for her to come back. Your child is ecstatic about your nanny and can't wait for her return, he/she is eager to continue the good company, routine and relationship they have started.

9. Your child has a routine while in her care. Your child has something to look forward to each day, their time is scheduled, it provides structure and consistency for your child.

10. She finds ways to captivate and stimulate your child in all areas of development. Incorporating learning, providing opportunities for growth in all educational areas is another great sign that you've selected the perfect nanny for your family.

Written by: Alexandra Afari of Five Star Nannies in Bethesda MDhttp://www.fivestarnannies.com

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