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Getting Rid of Pimple Infected Skin

February 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 189

What's really causing your sudden breakouts? Many of us develop acne at the start of puberty. By early adulthood, acne clears up and persists in only a fraction of the population over age 25.

Acne is caused by an interaction of androgens (male hormones), follicle plugging, and bacteria. Androgen hormones control the production of oily sebum, a wax-like material, through glands attached to hair follicles. The more androgens, the more sebum is produced.

This and dried flaky skin promote follicle blockage - the sebum accumulates, making it ideal for acne bacteria to proliferate. This causes swelling and pus formation, and a pimple is formed. Derms are also buzzing about three types of acne triggers we need to watch out for (and of course, they involve the stuff we love).

Dreaming of getting rid of pimple clusters on one side of your face, your chin, or even your ears? Your tech toys are the likely culprits. Mobile phones and earphones are things contaminated by bacteria from our environment and hands that could end up on the face's skin.

In getting rid of pimple infected skin from gadgets, wash then wipe your face with an acne-fighting toner (use a cotton pad) which contains bacteria-busting ingredients like oil-melting salicylic acid and alcohol before going to bed. Also, clean your gizmos weekly with an alcohol-soaked pad. If issues continue, you may be allergic to the metal of your phone (it often contains nickel, a common skin allergen).

A bowl of pasta is an easy go-to dinner, but eating it often can mean a jump in pimples. Starchy (as well as sweet) food increases our insulin hormone levels. That doubles the production of oil which inflames and blocks the pores.

Many derms say dairy products are connected, too, pointing to milk's increased hormone levels (androgens and forms of testosterone), which crank up oil glands. In hope of getting rid of pimple problems caused by food, tweak your diet. In one study, those who had a low-glycemic diet of whole-grain carbs, lean proteins, fresh veggies and nuts, saw a 51 percent improvement in their skin after 3 months.

Also consider supplements in getting rid of pimple occurrence. Ones with anti-inflammatory ingredients (zinc, green tea, fish oil) ease inflammation around pores. If you think dairy may be your trigger, try switching to organic, hormone-free versions.

To further prevent and help in getting rid of pimple problems, the earlier-mentioned causes should be minimized. Prevent follicle plugging by using non-comedogenic cosmetics. Mild, non-abrasive skin cleansing should be promoted to remove dead cells and accumulated sebum.

Removing dead skin cells work wonders at getting rid of pimple due to a blocked pore, making exfoliation a need for getting rid of pimple prone skin. However, taking a rough approach can give you even more pimples. Using a facial scrub with tiny, nutritive jojoba granules smoothens the skin and prevents too much oil production.

Big facial scrub beads can tear pimpled skin and may cause infection. So spread an even, thin layer of facial scrub to damp skin, and massage in circular motions with just the right pressure, then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft towel. Scrub about once per week; dermatologists say exfoliating very often make sebaceous glands go overdrive, making pimples worse.

Remember that relying on over-the-counter products or recommendations from other people might cost you more than if you start with the proper foundation and knowing more of the ways of getting rid of pimple infected skin by visiting

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