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How to Use Your Subconscious Power to Achieve Your Goals

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 130

Having a big dream can feel like trudging hundreds of miles through a desert. You have a destination in mind, but it seems impossible to reach. As you struggle under the hot sun with no sign of relief, the dream within you starts to die.

You feel exhausted. You think maybe you should give up and spare yourself the agony of trying to achieve the impossible. However, you can't give up. You want it too badly.

The problem isn't that your dream is impossible.

You can't get there the way you're going, but that does not mean that you can't get there at all.

Sit down and rest just for a moment to collect your strength. Take a minute or two to rethink your plan and try to come up with a better one. As you sit deep in thought, you hear the sound of a distant train rushing by.

Suddenly, you realize the solution to your problem. All this time, you've been walking towards your destination. The question is:

Why aren't you on that train?

This is exactly what it's like trying to reach your dreams by using only your conscious mind. Most people give up because they don't realize there is a better way.

When you enlist the help of your subconscious, reaching your goals is like taking the train.

Chances are, you're only using a fraction of the resources available to you. Your subconscious represents the other 90 percent of your mind.

How do you get your greater power working for you?

Here is an exercise you can do this evening that will get you started.

Take a pen and paper and ask yourself what you need to achieve your goal. Do you need money? Do you need new skills? Help from others? Whatever you need, you can get when you know how and where to look for it. It's time to activate the creative side of your brain.

Start by writing down your goal and everything you think you need to achieve it.

Afterwards, put on some soft, classical music and relax as much as you can. Read over your goal and list of what you need again and again. Begin brainstorming every idea you can think of to achieve it.

Some ideas will seem off the wall. Others may be completely worthless. All that matters is that you keep on writing possible solutions until you exhaust yourself.

Then you turn it over to your subconscious.

Go to bed and sleep on it. As you sleep, your subconscious will go to work on finding the perfect way to reach your objective. Keep a pen and paper by your bed so you can write out any ideas that occur to you when you wake up.

It won't take long before an idea hits you out of the blue. You'll know it because it feels just right for you. Once you have your winning idea, you'll feel as though you're on the express train to your dream destination.

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