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The Secret Movie - What Is the Important Lesson Here?

February 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 192

I have to admit that I have watched the Secret movie many times. It has taught me something important about the law of attraction. It helps me understand that when we learn how to harness and apply this universal law, we can use this power to create any goals or dreams that we desire into our lives.

I am so motivated after watching the Secret movie that I have even written a guide where I revealed how I was able to successfully manifest $20,000 using the law of attraction. It is quite simple. I have taken the first and crucial step in writing down my goal specifically. After I have written this goal, I also start to constantly carry the feelings that I have already obtained this sum of money which allows me to put this money into good use in the field that I'm passionate in.

So what are the feelings that I carry as if I already possess this money? First of all, I feel a sense of relief that I am "now" able to do the things that I enjoy doing. But I have to admit the most magical feeling that I conjure which is important towards attracting this dream amount is my feelings of being grateful. No matter what situations that I encounter everyday, whether they trigger good or bad feelings, I simply give thanks to all things that I currently have in life. I'm thankful for my health, my skills, my family, my friends etc. I am thankful for things that happened in the past that have led me to be feeling thankful now. I am also thankful of the positive outcomes that I am expecting to receive through my consistent goal manifestation process.

I focus on attaining peace of mind instead of pre-occupying myself with negative feelings derived from any negative situations that I encounter.

From the Secret movie, you will understand that being thankful help us to radiate positive vibrations to the Universe. When the Universe sense our energetic vibrations, she will in turn gift us the very dreams or goals that match these positive vibrations. The Law of Attraction states that "like attracts like". It means that whatever that you have constantly put your focus upon, you will receive it. If you have grasped the essence of this law, I wish to congratulate you! You have now learned a "short cut" in manifesting what you want using this law - and that is, to constantly carrying the good feelings that you have already obtained what you want!

When you focus your thoughts and emotions upon attaining the end results of what you want, your Higher Consciousness will send out your intentions to the Universal Mind or the Higher Power. And with the infinite resources from the Universe, you will gradually attract what you have asked for which vibrates at the same frequency as your intentions.

But you must have the faith that the Universe will bring forth what you have asked for. You must have the belief that you deserve the success or whatever that you have asked for. If you start to doubt yourself or in the infinite possibilities of the Universe, the Universe sense your disappointment and feel that you are not ready. Your doubts have hindered you from receiving what you want from the Universe.

Even when you have faith, you must also have the patience to wait for your dreams to become your realities. You have the right attitude to positively expect that your dream will come true. But you must also remember that a time difference still exists between your intentions and your end-goal results. At the same time, you must also trust your instinct. The Universe may send you signals in the form of opportunities. Therefore, you are encouraged to take inspired actions upon such opportunities that the Universe send to you.

Once you understand the essence of how the law of attraction works from the Secret movie, I believe you are now ready to explore further insights on how to manifest what you truly desire in your life; and better more, on how to speed up your goal manifestation success.

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