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How to Apply the Law of Correspondence in Manifesting Your Desires

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 205

There exists a previously hidden law of creation which is a powerful tool for manifesting your desires. This universal principle has come to be known in the metaphysical world as the Law of Correspondence.

The Law of Correspondence is one of the Hermetic Principles given to humanity in antiquity by the mysterious Hermes Tresmigistus, otherwise known as Thoth in Egypt. Hermes is reputed to be a messenger of the gods and a giver of art, culture and knowledge.


This knowledge is extremely important because it teaches you how to manifest your desired reality with ease and consistency. Simply embed a creative impulse (such as a focused, energized thought) within any of the subtle planes (for instance, the mental plane) and you will trigger a corresponding effect in your physical reality.

An explanation for this great law may be found in today's holographic model of the universe, one which is being proposed by many quantum scientists today. In this radical view of the reality, every part of the universe contains the essence of the entire creation.

If you have ever witnessed a science experiment about the nature of a hologram, you will have witnessed a demonstration of a laser beam focused on a tiny broken-off fragment of a holographic plate in order to recreate the original embedded image. The Law of Correspondence encapsulates the same principle - information contained in a segment of the whole is also present in all the other parts.

When consciously manifesting your desired reality, bear in mind that all of creation is fundamentally ONE. It is a singularity or an infinite continuum in which the tiniest movement in any of its part instantly affects the entire interconnected web.

You currently live in an interactive reality wherein you affect other parts of the universe by your actions. It is essential, therefore, that you apply the Law of Correspondence consciously and responsibly.

When forming a statement or affirmation to summarize your desires, first mentally FRAME YOU GOALS IN A LARGER CONTEXT so that whatever benefits you, at your level, also benefits the universe at large. Think of a win-win situation which enriches all corresponding levels of reality and you will achieve your desires effortlessly.

For instance, if you desire tranquility for your personal life, you must also wish peace for the whole world. If you would like abundance for yourself and your loved ones, you must likewise envision the eradication of poverty and lack around the globe.

The universe is essentially a feedback loop in which simultaneous vibratory levels co-create what we perceive as reality. The way to insert your intentions into this self-generating energy loop or system is through your conscious application of the Law of Correspondence.

Become fully aware of your every thought, action and emotion and then position your intentions within a larger framework. By so doing, you will be applying the Law of Correspondence and embedding your desired reality within this self-generating hologram.

Edwin Lopez has spent years of research on the hidden nature of reality creation and now teaches others how to consciously manifest their desires with consistency. This once hidden knowledge is detailed in an e-book about the ancient secret of Light. If you have ever wondered why bad things sometimes happen to good people or why popular law of attraction methods do not always work, visit Affiliate program is also available for earning a generous commission.

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