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Going With the Flow - Giving Up or Allowing Entry?

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 208

What does it mean, to go with the flow? base it means to stop struggling for what you want. It means taking guidance. It means allowing yourself to hear your inner voice. It means to listen to your higher self, as some call it and, we are constantly receiving guidance from it although, most people, seem to be oblivious to it.

How often have you been so focused on forcing life to go your way that, you ignore the prompting of your soul?

And, how often have you shelved your gut feelings?

I am certain that you have lost count. Perhaps you are not even aware of its urging you or prompting you. Believe me, it has been with you all along. And, sometimes all life is telling you to do is simply to let go. To let go of emotions and memories that prevent you from being in the moment and allowing new, beautiful things from coming in.

You must realize that, when your life is filled to the brim with the clutter of your baggage, you are leaving no room for new and brilliant things to flow in. But, once you have the courage to drop the loads of guilt, fear, resentment and worry, you make space for all the wonders of the world to find their way back into your life.

There has to be, a shift to your paradigm. If you want to replace your old garbage and excesses with new ones, then the same conditions will be evident in your life precisely because, you hold on to old thoughts and beliefs.

It is a known fact that, success in anything cannot flow into your life if you refuse to clear out your mental and emotional clutter. All that overfilled rubbish will obscure your vision of exactly where you are wanting to go. It is also a known fact that, success comes to you so much more easily when you have removed the obstacles of clutter and just go with the flow.

Now what flow am I talking of here?

There is a natural flow of energy that permeates every action, every cause and effect. If you struggle with that energy it will only bring you strife and sorrow. And your dreams, will appear to be moving away from you.

So why do you hold on so tight to that mentality?

Probably because, of what you believe.

And what are your beliefs?

What are your beliefs about yourself?What are your beliefs about love?What are your beliefs about trust?What are your beliefs about what you deserve?

When you have jotted down your answers on these questions, you will find that you have unmasked a lot of your fears and resentments.

Let go of them - once you know what they are, and begin to allow yourself to go with the natural flow of the fabulous things that are just waiting for you to make space for them to flow right in.

Don't be shy - go with the flow and let the flow of abundance in all things, flow right in!

Hi I'm A.V. (everyone calls me that) I have established myself as a top coaching specialist/analyst and do my part to improve world economies through advanced people potential skills.

Being well respected as a foremost expert on personal and professional advancement, I have become quite well known and somewhat renowned to my students, as well as, clients as a coach,growth consultant, seminar facilitator, public speaker, change agent and soon to be author.

Having also been involved in the Spiritual side of Life, I am also a Light-worker who lends herself to all aspects of the Life Force, energy in Quantum Mechanics. I have taught, coached, counselled candidates for various fields of alternative medicine, healing arts and various aspects of the premises of the creation process!

Please feel free to visit my corporate website for further information and I look forward to being of service to you!

My site:

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