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Fear Of Losing Money

February 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 174

In my opinion the single biggest fear that stops budding entrepreneurs is Bankruptcy. This dread manifests itself in a person and if left unchecked can totally destroy them and their business.

Now you may not be aware that many wealthy people have failed much bigger and more times than you have. Just take a look at this very short list of people you may have heard of that were once bankrupt.

Walt Disney and Henry Ford went bankrupt. Did you know that the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln filed for bankruptcy twice? Bjorn Borg the brilliant German tennis star. Singer Natalie Cole also lost the lot. Even the founder of General Motors, William C Durant went bankrupt. Another founder, this time of Heinz Ketchup lost it all. You didn't know TV Host Larry King was bankrupt back in the late 70's did you? Finally authors Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde and none other than Donald Trump, who today is doing ok for himself.

These amazing people dared to live an amazing life. Sure you can comment on their lives and find fault somewhere, however the point is they went for it. They made a decision and had a go and even after the trauma of being bankrupt they still had that burning passion and obviously it was their number one priority.

If you understand anything else here know that we all would have stopped and ran away if it was us trying to do what these legends did. It was THEIR PRIORITY that kept them going. Their vision was bigger than the problem of bankruptcy, they could keep going despite that hurdle.

You will find times I'm sure where you may feel fearful or anxious about taking risks with money and business. However unless your mission is much bigger than you, you will fail. It has to be big otherwise it won't keep you moving through all the obstacles that stop others. You have to think big and serve others on a vast scale to be wealthy. You have to love what you do and do what you love to truly feel wealthy both inside your soul and in your bank balance.

When you sit in your home all supposedly safe and secure think of these people for a moment. They walked away from the very thing that keeps you from being a multi-millionaire today.

They left their security and went out into the world to create a legacy, to live an amazing life. Each of them in their own way served others with what they brought to the world, yet do you sit at home afraid to even have a go?

If you are then think about this for a moment.

Henry Ford didn't invent the car, what he did do was work out a way to mass produce cars at affordable prices, but he lost his money before he realised his dream first time around.

However just take a look at what life was like back then. It was 1908 when the Model T Ford car was first sold to the public. Back then there were no roads for a car to drive on. There wasn't any need for a car because people all lived close to where they worked. They worked long hours so didn't have time for anything else.

Horse and carts, donkeys and bikes were the way to travel. There were no petrol stations to fill up your car, so how on earth did a man decide to take such a risk and change the face of the planet?

It was number one on his priority list, that's how he did it!

Of course now we look back and understand that once cars became popular other related industries came on board. People got into the gasoline business and before long service stations were popping up all over the country.

Bankruptcy didn't hold Henry Ford back because making a car for the masses was his number one priority. No matter whether he went bankrupt or not, his passion took him past the every day details of a mere bankruptcy proceeding. His "immortal vision" was bigger than any obstacles the world could throw in his face.

So the importance he placed on his goal met with his values perfectly, that is why you can copy Henry Ford or any other legend. The fear of losing money never stopped him and it shouldn't ever stop you. If your dream is big enough, if your number one priority is to build a business then that is what you should be doing. Not with fear or anxiety, but build it with passion and excitement and always end your day feeling grateful.

See you next time...

Patrick McNally PhD

Patrick McNally PhD Author Therapist Business Strategist

Patrick has a PhD in Psychology, is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, an NLP Practitioner and is one of the worlds leading Change Clinicians and operates a private practice on three continents. UK, USA, Australia. He is a regular media commentator, appearing on Breakfast and Morning TV as well as taking calls from listeners on the many Radio talk back shows he appears on. He has featured in Pilot TV Shows on Fears and Phobias.

Patrick has been described as a cross between Dr Phil and Robbin Williams.

He is a Master Public Speaker and uses his sharp wit and infectious humour to it's full extent, offering audiences worldwide, laughter, fun, entertainment and knowledge.

He has become known worldwide for his amazing 60 second challenge, where he guarantees to change the way a client feels in under 60 seconds. Having performed this on TV and Radio.

His programs sell worldwide. For further details go to his products page.

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