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Do You Want to Attract High-End Clients?

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 183

One of the biggest ways heart centered entrepreneurs hold themselves back from rapidly growing their business is by telling themselves they're not ready, I don't know enough, I don't have enough education, I don't have experience, I don't want to be pushy.

Maybe you can relate to some of these examples:

"I can't do more until I succeed with what I am doing.""I am charging what I am worth, but it is not enough.""What I have to offer people are not interested in, and they certainly won't pay for it.""Anyone can do it!""I am SO tired, I work and work and work, but I don't see the money and prosperity.""I am scared of what will change if I grow myself. "I can't let go."

It's funny, isn't it, we heart centered entrepreneurs say we want a prosperous business, and create a simple flow of prosperity. We say we want to feel fabulous, be successful, and financially secure; yet inside that little child is afraid of not being good enough, not being respected, not being loved. The only way to help this little child is to help her grow.

Grow into the powerful, gracious, and amazing woman she truly is now, and help her with the tools, templates, and support necessary for her to confidently know she is ready to start attracting the type of client, and the prosperity that is her birthright.

Are you ready to tell that small child that it is time to let go, and be happy for the amazing woman you are today?

If so, I want to help you create the simple prosperity that is your birthright! To accomplish this, you must be able to attract paying clients, not just any clients, but ideal high-paying clients, that don't question paying you what you are worth! Here are some things to think about when you are manifesting those clients:

You must invest in yourself. If it's not investing in Your Prosperity, Let It Go! One of my mentors showed me that you don't have to have a big thriving business to attract clients that are happy to pay your fees. But what you must do is think, act and believe in new ways of doing things that represent you valuing yourself! This includes your surroundings and support systems. So set the stage for success. Create a beautiful and uncluttered work area. Something that just makes you "feel" good. When you feel good, you look good, and when you look good, you attract beautiful things and people to yourself. You attract confidence, success and prosperity. Look around you, do you have a beautiful uncluttered surroundings? If not, it is time to make a change...get a few beautiful things, some flowers, some pictures, maybe a beautiful paperweight and put them close to you. Begin to surround yourself with beauty. Next clear the clutter...I know, it's easy to allow it to build up... (the "I'll get to it later" syndrome) NO...the time is NOW! Set aside time, mark it off on your planner, and start recycling, filing or shredding. If it's not high end, beautiful, or inspiring, let it go. Turn your program into a "Done For You" program. My clients really love the step by step tools and templates I give them. It is basically a "Done for you" Breakthrough to Prosperity. When you leave my program, you will have tools and scripts, and confidence to create your own Simple Prosperity. Start simple. (I love Simple) For example, put a simple checklist of getting started tips or helpful do's and don'ts in your packages. Put these tips on attractive paper, or quality stationary, that can be downloaded or mailed to your client in a packet. Create Your Irresistible, High-End Offer. Don't get me wrong, you need to have multiple levels of price point offers. But create a really Yummy High end offer! What is so cool about this, is you do not even need a list or even a lot of experience to attract clients to this offer. What you DO need is a clear offer that is filled with clear results that clients will get from working with you. Add in a few bonuses and the details of how you'll be delivering your service and you have the beginnings of an awesome offer. Simplicity is KEY! Creating client offers for your ideal high end clients that will serve them is something every business should be including in their business model. And because it doesn't require a list, it can be implicated quickly for immediate income.

Following these simple tips will start you on your way to attracting the high end clients you want. Visit my website for more tips and tricks.

Karen Stultz is a "Breakthrough to Prosperity" Mentor, and International speaker and Trainer. Visit to sign up for her complimentary tools for Simple-Prosperity and Prosperity-Goddess newsletter. Karen works with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, who are ready to take the steps to create 6 figure incomes or more, NOW and gain more freedom while doing so.

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